February's busy at Y.hub Coworking

A great start to the year with Perth Web Girls

February 7, 2019

We had a fantastic turnout for Yanchep's inaugural Perth Web Girls coding workshop on the 2nd of February, with a diverse mix from young to old. Perth Web Girls are truly doing fantastic work across WA.

There's something for everyone coming up this month. If you'd like a fresh set of eyes on your business financials, book a free health check with Propel Business Bookkeeping.

Perhaps you'd like to improve your digital marketing to boost revenue? Join our free Facebook ads 101 workshop run by Skills of the Modern Age.

Do you find your mobile phone photography leaves a little to be desired? Join our free Introduction to Smartphone Photography workshop by Matthew Bettinaglio, Director of Offshoot Content.

Coworking is now free every first Thursday of the month, join our Free Coworking Day at Y.hub! Put aside the day to catch up on admin and enjoy our fibre internet, awesome facilities and great coffee on the house.

There's plenty happening in and around the space, hope to see you here soon.