Community Profile: Kate McLaughlin Founder of LJM Memorial Hospice

Meet Kate McLaughlin, Founder of LJM Memorial Hospice, who is a new member here at Yhub Coworking and sharing her business journey with us below!

June 11, 2021

How did your business journey begin?

When Liam my husband passed away 4 years ago with brain cancer, our funeral director posed a question to me “Kate, what’s next in life for you, what will you do to support you and your girls?” I was stunned but I knew Liam’s illness would have to play a massive part in our future, there had to be a reason for what had happened to him, to us. I retaliated “I’m going to give the Perth community something we never had, I’m going to support all of them through their own journey and give them a place to do it”.

Within the year, with no previous working history in business, I had registered a business, formed a board of passionate and willing individuals and registered a charity: LJM Memorial Hospice was born.

What are you working on at the moment?

August will hopefully see LJM Memorial Hospice pull off our first community event. We are supporting The Groundswell Project in their ‘Dying to Know Day’ initiative. With Silver Chain, Palliative Care WA (PCWA) and Bowra & O’Dea providing the support for our focus on ‘Advanced Care Planning’ it will allow me to also keep the main focus on engaging the Yanchep and surrounding community in who, what and why LJM Memorial Hospice will be for them. We are aiming to have local schools, groups and businesses involved in this event.

Dying to Know Day is an opportunity to create space for people to have conversations about something that is part of life: death, dying, and grief. We think it’s also an opportunity for people in this growing community of Yanchep to connect with each other and talk about how we can create a community that is compassionate and supportive for the members of our community who may be dealing with their own questions or issues about death, dying and grief and loss.

I would love to hear from others in the Yanchep and surrounding area who might be interested in being part of this community movement.

What do you love about being a part of the Spacecubed community?

Since formally joining the Spacecubed community it has opened all sorts of doors for LJM Memorial Hospice. I had won some hours to work out of Yhub that I had been using gingerly over time. The community that work out of Spacecubed has provided me with a wealth of information that I was never aware of before and so many more willing persons who want to support us. In a marketing sense it has been so beneficial for us.

Can you share with us one of your favourite success stories?

For me my biggest success has been getting noticed and being heard. Getting involved with PCWA has had LJM Memorial Hospice advertised and had people ask who we are and who I was. People are now reaching out to us to offer their support, which is great – we’ve been working hard in the background for a couple of years and it’s great to be welcoming other people who want to join us on this journey!

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LJM Memorial Hospice; Empathetic, Humane and family oriented end of life care for everyone – funded and supported by the community