Free Coworking - First Thursday of every month!

Come and find out what coworking is all about.

April 9, 2019

Free Coworking Day (FCWD) is a movement initiated to raise awareness about the concept of coworking. A model shaped out of flexibility and collaboration, FCWD intends to give people—from digital nomads to freelancers and entrepreneurs—a taste of the coworking experience before committing to a membership. This idea also allows space operators to obtain feedback on how they can better serve their members and prospects.

The FCWD happens on every first Thursday of the month, where coworking spaces in different regions of the world will offer free workspace to the public for one full day. As of today, there are 80 coworking spaces out of 105 locations in Asia Pacific, including Australia and New Zealand.

Come and try our fantastic facilities and network with local business operators. No need to book ahead, pop in and say hi.