Leveraging population for revenue growth

WA's next Strategic Metropolitan Centre is currently under development in Yanchep. Y.hub offers the opportunity for capex-free regional expansion in a rapidly growing area.

June 17, 2019

Organisations need to continuously improve to remain relevant in our rapidly evolving, globalised economy. This can be achieved through the process of strategic and operational planning, where business leaders employ a range of techniques to identify opportunities for sustainable growth. Effective approaches can increase a firm's capacity for innovation, transforming product and service development to better meet the needs of key demographics. Other strategies seek to improve marketing practices, boost efficiencies, reduce costs, reach into new markets or diversify revenue.

To ensure ongoing growth can be realised, scalability is often a core consideration. In order to scale, organisations need to reach a greater proportion of their addressable market. This may be relatively straightforward for firms offering web-based technologies. However, many businesses still need bricks-and-mortar to service their clients. For these organisations, attempts to expand geographical reach can require significant capital expenditure with increased risks.

WA's next major Strategic Metropolitan Centre is currently under development in Yanchep and the population of surrounding suburbs is expected to increase by 110,000 through to 2041. This represents enormous potential for businesses who capture first-mover advantage. Rarely is there an opportunity for capex-free regional expansion in an area where ongoing population growth is firmly anticipated.

To leverage this opportunity, businesses can utilise Yanchep's premier coworking space to build a local presence. This facility provides a scalable approach to regional expansion, where businesses can deliver their services on a flexible basis to suit demand. Yanchep is a fundamental consideration for any organisation looking to grow in WA and the time to act is now. Contact us at to discuss your requirements and plan for the future.