Member Showcase | Introducing Figge Boksjo!

Operating out of the Yhub has been the perfect starting point for Acobea, offering them the flexibility and convenience they needed to kickstart their business growth. Want to learn more about their journey? Read below!

August 20, 2020

1. Share a bit about your startup journey

“Beeautify Yourself and the World” is a privately owned company with the ambition and mission to source traceable ingredients from ethical suppliers, develop formulas, manufacture products, market and sell cruelty free and natural skincare products handcrafted with love and respect for the bee's work.

It all started after Daniela Boksjo and her husband and co-founder Figge Boksjo decided to make a conscious lifestyle change in 2017, and moved from Sydney’s Northern Beaches to Yanchep. As part of Daniela’s interest for health and the environment, she became a beekeeper. She got involved with the Cooperative Research Centre for Honey Bee Products (CRCHBP) located in Yhub, where she learned about the powerful and extraordinary benefits of honey for the skin. With a series of trials, collaborations and consultations with leading botanical skincare experts her first product was born – the Gentle Honey Cleanser. The product became an instant success, and in the last year the company has grown rapidly, both in-house and with their range of products.

2. What led you towards choosing a coworking / shared office space?

Running a business from home is lifestyle balance and it is important to differentiate workdays from weekends and have that buffer between work-time from the family-time. Being hosted at a co-working space make going to work much more stimulating when you have other likeminded business owners and professionals to chat and interact with. It's like having colleagues - but without any office dramas. And also

3. What do you love about Yhub Coworking?

We love Yhub for many reasons; a professional environment, community focused, affordable. And - the Yhub space is modern, fresh and spacious which makes it a pleasure to be in. Of course, for us living in Yanchep, we have the convenience working just a few minutes away and avoiding long commutes time or parking issues.

4. Share one of your favourite success stories (can be personal or an inspirational story from a great entrepreneur)

Our business is a partnership of two people with different skills, background, and preferences - and we are also husband and wife. It is challenging at times but also inspirational to make this this work. We have learnt how to work professionally and bring the best out of each other. We have a plan and a dream to make this work and be proud of the legacy we leave behind. Others have inspired us, and we would love to one day be inspirational to others.

5. What's next for your business?

We have just ticked off the first phase of the business and proven that there are customers are prepared to pay for our products. Next few months going to focus on growing the product range, scaling up production and adding wholesalers and retailers interstate We want to build a sustainable business model that can see us growing the company over the next 5-10 years. Operating out of the Yhub is a perfect starting point offering the flexibility and convenience we need.

If you're interested in how Yhub Coworking can benefit you and your business, the same way we have supported Acobea, reach out to today or claim your free coworking pass here.